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by Anthony Neilson

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Tebut Isfar

ta ' Clare Azzopardi





Unifaun Theatre Productions, a theatre group founded with the intention to work on challenging scripts and to produce new and engaging productions to the Maltese theatre audiences. We at Unifaun also believe in giving young and unproven talent a chance to prove its worth by aiming to strike a right balance between established actors and new exciting talent.

The kind of theatre we are really interested in is the kind that offers its audience food for thought. We are interested in capturing the world and realities around us and present them in new creative and imaginative contexts. We are interested in human emotions, social issues relevant to everyday life, psychological patterns, situations and imagery combined with honest acting. We are interested in dramas, farces, comedies, classics, experimental theatre … anything that challenges the mind and enlightens the heart.

Our preference is to work in the intimacy of small space theatres, which may trouble some people but which renders the experience so much more exhilarating.

Our choice of plays has not always been popular.  Throughout the years we have been labelled, Malta's most controversial theatre company, the Frankie Boyle of Maltese theatre and other similar epitaphs.  In 2009, our intended production of Anthony Neilson's Stitching was banned by the Maltese State.  A court case followed and the courts upheld the ban following the involvement of the Maltese Curia, which tried to manipulate the case and discredit one of the witnesses in our favour.  We appealed  and the Maltese Courts ruled against us again.  The case was finally decided on 15 May 2018 when the ECHR in Strasbourg ruled in our favour, awarding us expenses and damages.  Our petitioning led the Maltese government to revise censorship laws in Malta, effectively removing theatre censorship.



The people at Unifaun.

Adrian Buckle Artistic Director and Producer

 Adrian Buckle studied Theatre at the Mikelang Borg Drama Centre after which, he worked with MADC (Malta Amateur Drama Club) for some years, mainly directing one-act plays. He went on to found Unifaun Theatre in order to concentrate more on theatre that investigates and researches the human character, emotions and behaviour. Adrian is also a member of the Drama Unit devising Theatre-In-Education projects for Malta's government schools. As producer of Unifaun, he transformed the Maltese theatre scene by updating it with productions of authors like Mark Ravenhill, Sarah Kane, Edward Bond and Philip Ridley, all of who were never ever produced in Malta before.

Chris Gatt Administration

 Widely acknowledged in Malta as a theatre maverick, Chris has directed most of Unifaun's projects.  His area of expertise extends from direction to Stage Lighting and whatever needs to be done to make a production work.

David Micallef Stage Management

 Teaching ICT as a day-job and juggling theatre, film and coaching artistic gymnastics does certainly give a meaning to the saying "no rest for the wicked". His first contact with theatre goes back to Aħn'Aħna jew M'Aħniex - the cult comedy/satire series which hit Malta's TV screens in 1986. Moving away from centre-stage, David nowadays enjoys the buzz and hype of backstage coordinating props and set as well as organising the backstage crew. Working with Unifaun Theatre meant joining a group of people who are courageous enough to challenge puritan and conservative taboos that belittle and divide us.

Stefan Scerri Technical Management

 Stefan Scerri got the theatre-bug at Carlo Diacono Girls' Junior Lyceum in 1990, assisting in school productions. He then completed a 3-year course in 'Stage Management and Lighting' at Mikelang Borg Drama Centre, going on to train other students for several years. Stefan stage-managed practically every student production held at the Centre. Stefan was also involved in several local productions.

Sarah Buckle Finances

 Sarah Buckle is the one who holds the purse strings at Unifaun.  She graduated at the University of Malta in Accounts and Ecconomics in 1992.  She is also Adrian's main confidante when it comes to script selection and Unifaun's joint decision maker.

Mikhail Basmadjian  Designer

Mikhail is regarded as one of the finest actors in Malta and has starred in many shows with Unifaun.  A versatile actor, he is excellent in both Drama and Comedy, as well as proficient with the piano and an excellent Graphic Designer.  He also cooks the best octopus in Malta.


Dave Barton  International Consultant

Dave Barton is an internationally acclaimed theatre and film director.  He is the founder of Rude Guerrilla Theater Company and Monkey Wrench Theater Company.  He is a specialist in British Contemporary Theatre, having worked extensively on the works of playwrights like Sarah Kane and Mark Ravenhill.  He supports Unifaun with his expertise on scripts, many times identifying possible scripts for production.



André Agius  Member

André Agius started acting at the age of 4 with Masquerade (Malta), and trained internationally at Rose Bruford College (UK), Odin Teatret (Denmark) and was chosen to participate in the Facing-the-Gap Youth Exchange (Budapest). Memorable roles include 'Man' in Tender Napalm - in Malta and at the Edinburgh Fringe (2014), 'Nigel' in The People Next Door, 'Billy Bibbit' in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest, ‘Jack’ in The Rose Tattoo (Frankfurt’s English Theatre, Germany) and ‘Sig’ in The Price of One. André has taken part in numerous films including the main role of ‘Adir’ in CBS's The Dovekeepers. He gained his Diploma in Speech and Drama (TRINITY, UK) and is reading for a BA(Hons) in Theatre Studies (University of Malta). 


Pia Zammit  Member

"Queen Pea" is one of Malta's leading actresses and has worked profusely with Unifaun.  She is one of the founding members of the company and contributes a lot with common sense advice and input on script selection.