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ta' Ovidju

Biljetti għall-bejgħ dalwaqt.

Agħfas fuq l-istampa hawn taħt għall-biljetti.






Good Doctor

The Good Doctor

Author:   Neil Simon

Venue:   St James Cavalier

Dates:   8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 April 2005

Director:   John Suda

Cast:   John Suda, Elsa Romei, Maria Buckle, Philip Stilon, Alexandra Camilleri Warne, Luka Desira Buttigieg

SYNOPSIS: Neil Simon’s comedy is based on the vignettes of Anton Chekhov’s The Good Doctor. Anton Chekhov and Neil Simon are not exactly a pairing that immediately strikes one as inspired. After all, one is a 19th century Russian who laid bare humanity’s deepest yearnings and foibles in poignant dramatic plays, while the other is a 20th century American who exposed the follies and neuroses of modern urban life in tightly crafted, one-liner-littered comedic plays. Joined together, they seem less natural peers in world theatre and more like the hapless heroes in a Simon masterwork: The Odd Couple. And yet, the two share a bond from when they were young writers: comedic sketches.

What the papers said:

Elsa Romei, another veteran still at the peak of her powers… made the scene excruciating for me and nearly led me to cry out in exasperation. Paul Xuereb, The Sunday Times, 24-04-05

A strong cast took on a variety of roles, as each story required a new set of characters. Some actors were required to shift into very different characterisations and moved smoothly through this. Louise Ghirlando, The Times, 23/04/05

This play was surprising. It was highly enjoyable without compromising quality, aided by the particularly strong performances of John Suda, who was also director, and Philip Stilon. Louise Ghirlando, The Times, 23/04/05

Comic pastiche at its best. Noemi Zarb, The Times, 27/04/05

Suda's maturity both as a man and as an actor brought the show to an excellent end. Paul Xuereb, The Sunday Times, 24/04/05

It is always refreshing when a new theatre company makes an appearance. It is even more invigorating when that company sets out its stall with a quality production. - Jon Rosser, Showtime, 01/05/05

At this point, as Maria Buckle staged the actress reading out her lines from Chekhov's own The Three Sisters, a stilling energy took over the St James theatre as Ms Buckle captured the mesmerising effectiveness of this audition. - Louise Ghirlando, Lifestyle Section, The Times, 23/04/05

John Suda as the Good DoctorCherdiakhov and wife

  Toothache!Getting ready for the Bearded Countess

The Bank.
The sinker.

The honest prostitute.

pictures by Joseph A. Borg