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ta' Ovidju

Biljetti għall-bejgħ dalwaqt.

Agħfas fuq l-istampa hawn taħt għall-biljetti.






The Pillowman

The Pillowman

AUTHOR: Martin McDonagh

VENUE: St James Cavalier

DATES: 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 November 2005

EXTRA: 17, 18, 19, 20 November 2005

DIRECTOR: Chris Gatt

CAST: Jes Camilleri, Manuel Cauchi, Kevin Drake, Alan Paris, Sharon Bezzina,Charmaine Scerri-Parnis, Adrian Buckle, Andrè Agius, HarleyMallia, Matthew Drake

SUMMARY: A multi award winning dark comedy set in an unnamed totalitarianstate, The Pillowman introduces us to writer Katurian who isbeing interrogated by policemen due to the similarity between hisstories and actual murders happening in his neighbourhood.


Directed by Chris Gatt, this contained three quite brilliant performances from Kevin Drake, Manuel Cauchi and Jes Camilleri. — Showtime, 2-6-06

Best Performances in 2005/6: Manuel Cauchi in The Pillowman — Showtime, 2-6-06

Yet if one is to look at a performance like THE PILLOWMAN held last month at St James, one looks at a performance that works and not specifically at the identity it gives us. If I’m going to fall into the stereotype of having to rate things, as is normally done in annual round-ups, then the Oscar for Best Performance as a whole goes to this event by Unifaun, produced by Adrian Buckle, directed by Chris Gatt. Cast included Jes Camilleri convincingly playing the role of an intellectually disabled man, Kevin Drake, Manuel Cauchi and Alan Paris. —Louise Ghirlando, Weekender, 31 December 2005

Scenes are handled deftly by Chris Gatt, who directs this difficult play with an unfailingly sure touch. —Paul Xuereb, The Sunday Times, 20-11-05[The actors]… give first-class performances, Drake and Camilleri being at their best ever. —Paul Xuereb, The Sunday Times, 20-11-05

Paris’s range of tones and stresses make him (the character) more interesting even before the final scenes where he grips our attention. —Paul Xuereb, The Sunday Times, 20-11-05

Cauchi’s trademark suave style of speech and restrained body language fit well into this interpretation. —Paul Xuereb, The Sunday Times, 20-11-05

Jes Camilleri and Kevin Drake give their best performance ever in THE PILLOWMAN. —Paul Xuereb, The Sunday Times, 20-11-05

Brilliant imagination, black humour, comic relief, and engaged acting have been put together to create a disturbing, intense, and superbly worked performance. —Louise Ghirlando, Weekender, 19-11-05

It’s the best piece of theatre to hit the boards in Malta for quite a few years… This play is a cut above the rest, and then some. —I.M.Beck, The Times, 19-11-05

A play set to blow your mind away. —Noemi Zarb, The Sunday Times, 06-11-05

Electrifying play! —Mario Azzopardi, Kultura 21, 20-11-05

One of the best theatre productions I’ve ever seen in Malta… A memorable evening! —Dr Alfred Sant (Leader of the Opposition), It-Torca, 27-11-05

The actors were exceptional, namely with Kevin Drake as Katurian, but also with Manuel Cauchi, Jes Camilleri and Alan Paris giving lifetime performances. —Dr Alfred Sant (Leader of the Opposition), It-Torca, 27-11-05

The Pillowman is unequivocally terrific theatre. —The Malta Independent, 05-11-05

It is a play full of entertainment, not one to miss but with no guarantee that you will manage to sleep at night after this exceptional experience . . . —Jo Ann Vassallo, Weekender, 05-11-05

Fear, fiction and performance fuse to form an intriguing spectacle. —Claire Bonello, Circle Magazine, November 05

Manuel Cauchi as Katurian making a pointKevin Drake and Jes Camilleri as the Katurian brothers

The little JesusManuel Cauchi as Tupolski arguing with Kevin Drake as Katurian

The little writer
Kevin Drake as Katurian and ALan Paris as Ariel

   The discovery

pictures by Joseph A. Borg