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by Anthony Neilson

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Tebut Isfar

ta ' Clare Azzopardi





I Could Be Anyone

Author:   Matthew Scurfield

Adaptation:   Matthew Scurfield, Clare Agius, Lena Scurfield

Director:   Lena Scurfield

Cast:   Matthew Scurfield, Clare Agius

Date:   20th February 2009

Venue:   St James Cavalier

Summary:   A journey through one man's life to overcome dyslexia and personal demons to reach his goals.










 What Patrons said:


I went around all day unable to snap out of the intense emotions and profound thoughts stirred in me by your work. I have not been so shaken by a theatre piece for a long long time. -Dr Isabelle Gatt- Lecturer in Drama and Art Education

An enlightening and positive experience, loads of food for thought and soul searching reflections. -Ms.Nadya Grech Learning Support Assistant

Powerful, poignant and touching.  -Mrs Catherine Gonzi, wife of the Prime Minister of Malta

A truly humbling experience. -Charmaine Agius Ferrante M. Teaching Support Consultant


It was as if I was seeing my son there. The nerves, rash attitude, impatience are mirrored in my son’s behaviour. -Ms Anna Maria Baldacchino Head of Customer Care Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family, Malta


A very powerful performance. -Maud Muscat M.Ed School Counsellor, Lecturer

Funny, highly original… a howl of protest at the way dyslexia has been regarded for the past 65 years. -Jack Shepherd actor, director and playwright


Part confessional, part autobiographical… great theatre that deserves wide recognition. -Jim Cartwright actor, author and playwright

"I found your show utterly inspiring, particularly your idea of loss of innocence. I had never thought of it that way round. It's made me think hard." -Professor John Stein, University of Oxford, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Chair of the Dyslexia Research Trust

"I'm very glad I saw I COULD BE ANYONE. The monologue at the very beginning was incredible."  -Danny Dorling, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography University of Oxford

"A truly moving and fascinating experience that rang so true. I'm sure the audience was inspired as I was. Thank goodness I saw it." -Rosemary Wilton playwright and television producer

“The performance of 'I Could be Anyone' was a powerful insight into the world of growing up with dyslexia. It combines monologue, interview, Greek drama and audience participation in a unique blend. However, for me, the most important thing is its impact beyond the theatre on the lives of young people struggling to make sense of written communication through the outreach work inspired by the drama” -Dr Ian Finlay Educational Development Consultant (Humanities and Social Sciences) Oxford Learning Institute

“I have just attended the most moving drama performance on the 4th floor, entitled 'I could be anyone', on the autobiographical experiences of a learner with dyslexia and its damaging effects on self-esteem. This gave me more insight into the effects of this learning difference in the short hour of live performance than any amount of reading and had a considerable impact and resonance with all those present. The audience included young pupils and teachers from Cotham School, local authority personnel, artists, lecturers etc - many of whom were inspired to share their own stories of dyslexia by this performance.” -Wan Ching Yee, Research Fellow, Programme Co-ordinator, MSc Educational Research Joint Departmental Research Ethics Co-ordinator Graduate School of Education University of Bristol

Matthew’s book and the story it tells reinforced a feeling I have had for a long time, namely that somehow we need to educate parents to value their children for what they are not for what the parents would like them to be. -Ivan Newman, PG Cert TADLHFE, BSc (Hons), MBA, C Eng, Eur Ing, CITP

I hope as many people as possible will come to see the play. I thought it was a very powerful and moving account of the emotions and consequences of being dyslexic on an individual and their life. -Dr Kate Saunders Chief Executive Officer of the British Dyslexia Association



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